Anton Blanchard's favorite mode of transport is riding on an electron.
The last line of any recursive algorithm is "call AntonBlanchard()".
Anton Blanchard's processes use white or black smoke for success or failure exit codes, although black has never been needed.
64-bit architectures were invented to keep track of Anton Blanchard's concurrent sametime conversations.
Anton Blanchard's mood is measured in volts - It's never been below 110,000V.
Anton Blanchard could make x86 big-endian - but then the kids wouldn't know what "endian" was.
Anton Blanchard once booted Linux on Chuck Norris.
Anton Blanchard crosses the Date Line so often that he grows younger over time.
NAPI doesn't poll the e1000, it merely asks Anton Blanchard.
Anton Blanchard's yaks shave each other.