NICs don't dare interrupt Anton Blanchard.
While he is an accomplished keyboard player, Anton Blanchard cranks out great tunes with cat /dev/kmem > /dev/dsp.
Anton Blanchard's favorite mode of transport is riding on an electron.
When Anton Blanchard walks into a chip fab without a dust suit, yield goes up to 128%.
Anton Blanchard's code runs with negative CPI.
Anton Blanchard can always get concerts tickets, even if they are sold out.
Anton Blanchard can execute PPC instructions on any processor.
When Guus Hiddink wanted to learn how to tie his shoelaces, he called Anton Blanchard.
Anton Blanchard could make x86 big-endian - but then the kids wouldn't know what "endian" was.
Anton Blanchard can win at scrabble, even with only 'X' tiles.