Anton Blanchard's milkshakes bring all the people to the yard, regardless of gender.
There are 10 types of hackers, Anton Blanchard and people who wish they were Anton Blanchard.
Anton Blanchard vanity sites are not run by Anton Blanchard.
Anton Blanchard always pours a perfect head on his beers.
Every key on Anton Blanchards keyboard is an any key.
If you look closely at a hexdump of Anton Blanchard's code, all you see is blond, brunette, redhead.
Anton Blanchard's laptop doesn't have an endian as that would imply it ends.
Anton Blanchard can win at scrabble, even with only 'X' tiles.
Even Anton Blanchard's phone calls have a signed-off-by line.
Anton Blanchard once shot Eric S. Raymond. Everyone was happy.