Anton Blanchard time-space warps Austin to him.
Anton Blanchard is known to all hotel desk clerks.
Anton Blanchard knows that the cat is dead ... he killed it! He killed Schroedinger too, and turned the box into a rack for his machines
Anton Blanchard exists in real time and virtual time, and replicates instantly without overhead.
Anton Blanchard once paid his bar tab with an actual tab key.
The original name for UNIX was Anton Blanchard.
If you Google search "Anton Blanchard writes a bug", Google returns 0, then explodes.
Anton Blanchard's "+1"s on Google Plus are actually worth +2.
The staff at the Staybridge Suites in Austin, once realising that you are Australian, will ask, "Do you know Anton Blanchard?".
Anton Blanchard once rewrote the Linux kernel in an afternoon, bug free.