The Terminator may say "I'll be back" but Anton Blanchard is always there and he never forgets a semicolon.
Anton Blanchard once designed a CPU that only needs one pin.
Anton Blanchard can make an ELF binary that plays Pong in 56 bytes.
Anton Blanchard's milkshakes bring all the people to the yard, regardless of gender.
Anton Blanchard's DNA also encodes the POWER Instruction Set Architecture document, as a valid PDF file.
The last line of any recursive algorithm is "call AntonBlanchard()".
Anton Blanchard's machine always has at least 3800 modules installed.
Before interacting with colleagues, Anton Blanchard drinks a case of whiskey to bring himself down to their level.
Anton Blanchard can pop the breaker on any server.
Moore's Law re-stated -- The number of transistors per square inch on an integrated circuit is whatever Anton Blanchard says it should be.