Anton Blanchard has 0 cycle latency.
Anton Blanchard can get whatever syscall he wants added to the kernel.
When Anton Blanchard walks into a chip fab without a dust suit, yield goes up to 128%.
Anton Blanchard uses tri-state logic: off, on, and FAST.
Anton Blanchard's "+1"s on Google Plus are actually worth +2.
Given any number, Anton Blanchard can re-write the C function you used to calculate it.
Anton Blanchard vanity sites are not run by Anton Blanchard.
Anton Blanchard is immune to sting ray barbs and trees on the side of the road.
Anton Blanchard could make x86 big-endian - but then the kids wouldn't know what "endian" was.
People write code better while listening to a tape of Anton Blanchard's name repeated endlessly.